On a regular basis, we get emails from new people coming into the Latin Scene, asking our opinion about the “best dance school to join” or “which dancing program would be best for me?”

Everyone has his or her own needs and we should appreciate that there is not a “best option” for everyone.


In the latin dancing scene, we encounter a very broad range of interest levels. It is part of the great joy of dancing. It is also the source of much discussion over which dancing program is the best. The true answer depends on each individual’s interest, availability of time and skill.


Some people want to enjoy an evening of dance with little or no effort on their part.  Others want to become skilled dancers. You can find many examples of this on any night in Latino clubs around town. You will find people who are happy to sit on the sidelines, people who dance across the floor and others who have obviously spent a great deal of time in perfecting their dance skill.


Maybe the answer is to stop believing that everyone has to fit into the same mold and to agree that all the various forms of dancing and skill levels meet different people’s needs. Hopefully, we can all find where we fit the best and not fall into the trap of feeling that the way we have chosen, is the only and correct way to go.


And speaking about choices, don’t miss in the Entertainment section, the Australian Bachata Championship in October.  An event which has been running successfully for the last nine years.
Two incredible nights with the best BACHATA, SALSA and KIZOMBA by the hottest Latin DJs // Exciting competition by the best Bachata dancers in the country competing for the titles of "Australian Bachata Champions” and the “Australian Best Bachata Choreography"  // Enjoy the excitement & friendly touch of the Jack & Jill factor  // Admire some spectacular choreography showcases by the best Bachata dancers & schools in Australia.


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I hope you will enjoy another issue of the magazine. 


Chao, hasta la proxima!


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